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Singer Songwriter, Guitar Player, and Yodeler

Welcome to the Unique World of Jared Nels

Jared Nels was born in Des Moines, Iowa on July 29th, 1993. He started playing guitar as soon as he was big enough to hold one, and began singing in a local children's chorus at a very young age. By his early teens, he was already playing Eddie Van Halen and Pantera on guitar, and had worked his way into the top level choir in the Iowa Youth Chorus program. In High School, he was a 3 year All State Chorus singer, had traveled and performed in front of 100's people with the Urbandale Studio show choir, and had written numerous songs on guitar which he still performs to this day. 

In his early twenties, Jared discovered his natural ability to yodel. He won the Iowa State Fair yodeling contest multiple times and was featured live on KCCI news, Iowa's largest news corporation. He learned how to sing and play guitar simultaneously, and performed at open mics in his college town of Ames, Iowa.

After finishing engineering school in 2018 at the age of 25, Jared moved to Santa Barbara, California where his music career would begin to take its course. In 2020, he yodeled his way onto American Idol, where his audition for the celebrity judges was aired on season 18, episode 3. 

For the last 5 years, while working at various engineering companies and local farms, Jared has performed all around Santa Barbara and the Central / Southern California area at various venues and events. He is known for his powerful vocals, quick and elegant guitar playing, and unique incorporation of yodeling into various genres. In late 2023, he decided to pursue music full time and put his passion to full practice. 

Jared is currently working on his first album and spreading his musical act as far wide as he can! Subscribe to Jared's newsletter on this site to stay up to date with all of Jared's upcoming shows, media, and events!