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Duo with brandon kinalele



In 2023, Jared joined forces with Brandon Kinalele, one of Santa Barbara's finest guitarists and performers. Since then, they have played at multiple venues such as Island Brewing in Carpinteria, Wylde Works, and Blue Owl in Santa Barbara. Brandon took a 3 month hiatus in winter of 2023 / 2024 to spend time with his fiance in Sweden, but now that Brandon is back in Santa Barbara, he and Jared are going to hit the gigging scene with an iron fist.

Brandon has an incredible knowledge of the fretboard which is apparent every time you listen to him. His improvisational skills are top notch, and it's hard to find anyone in the Santa Barbara area that can compete with his jazz snd bossa nova chops. With Jared's incredible voice and versatile guitar skills, the fusion of Jared and Brandon together creates a very unique and captivating music experience that you will certainly want to be heard at your venue.

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Jared and brandon perform "waiting in Vain" full length song at blue owl

One of their latest videos, this is a full length rendition of “Waiting in Vain” that captures the essence of Jared and Brandon's dynamic, musical relationship on stage

This reel demonstrates Brandon's amazing ability to improvise a guitar solo over Jared's rhythm and how seemlessly they blend with their unique styles

Jared and Brandon perform "Waiting in Vain" at Wylde Works in Santa Barbara



Listen to suave vocals of Jared Nels and the smooth, jazzmaster guitar tones of Brandon Kinalele in this reel filmed at one of Jared and Brandon's first ever performances together

Black pumas cover "Colors" ft. Tony Cheatom and friends

Jared and brandon kinalele live at island brewing in carpinteria